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Opened in 2001, the Restaurante Pedra do Baú is located at the base of one of the main sights of São Paulo: the Pedra do Baú, in São Bento do Sapucaí. Its cuisine offers the authentic cuisine of Mantiqueira, a mix between the Minas Gerais cooking style and countryside cuisine. Open on weekends and holidays, the restaurant offers self service buffet where, for a fixed price per person, you can help yourself and still have the dessert.


In 2001, a dream motivated Mr. Joaquim Sertão to open a restaurant and soon persuaded his wife, Dona Terezinha, about the idea. Mr. Joaquim, who was a farmer, built with his own hands the first tables and chairs. Otherwise, the kitchen was in the hands of Dona Terezinha, which started producing traditional dishes from the countryside.

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Our cuisine exalts regional dishes: pasta, meat and side dishes are served directly in the wood stove. For a fixed price you can eat at ease and have free dessert. The gastronomy of Mantiqueira has elements of the rustic kitchen and mining added to ingredients and customs of the top of the mountain. Because it is a cold region, with temperatures ranging from 2 ° to 26 ° C, has special dishes that help to warm and soften the cold of the mountain. In our buffet you find tutu de feijão, braised pumpkin, parsnip cream, jerk chicken, lasagne, pastelzinho, garlic and oil spaghetti, pork ribs, fish, handmade sausages, suckling pig in pieces, cracklings, eggplant milanese, farofa and other traditional dishes. In addition to the hot dishes we also have 17 types of salads, all with fresh produce harvested in the region. In the table of desserts we have a few simple options, but delicious as sweet figs, grated papaya, pineapple cream, figada, soft unripened cheese with guava and pumpkin with coconut. .

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Baby Care for kids

For the comfort of families, we offer an excellent comfort station for your convenience. The restaurant offers besides the gorgeous scenery, warm atmosphere of leisure activities and shop with handcrafts.
Banheiros novos, limpos e organizados

All new, clean and organized.

Our entire infrastructure is new, clean and organized to receive you in the best possible way. In addition to great food, everything is prepared with great care for our customers.





We do not make reservations for the restaurant


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