Baú Ecoturismo

Agencia Bau Ecoturismo
The company Baú Ecoturismo operates several routes in the city and makes the ascent of the Pedra do Baú and other walks out of the restaurant.
  • 5 hours of walking - Intense ActivityAscent to Pedra do Baú

    After walking about an hour we arrive at the base of the north face of the stone. The rise in the wall of 350 meters is carried out through the via ferrata stairs, clamps and metal stairs. At the top of the stone, to 1950 meters of altitude, you can see the mountains that separate the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The whole tour takes about five hours, so it’s recommended that you start in the morning.
  • 3 hours walking - Moderate ActivityTrack of Ana Chata

    Because of the easy access, the track Ana Chata is great for children. After one hour and a half of walking you reach the ladder and the climb goes through a cave before reaching the top of the stone. The adventure takes about three hours.
  • 3 hours walking - Moderate ActivityAbseiling in Bauzinho

    The approach is practiced in Bauzinho and it’s divided into 2 parts: the first with 15 meters and the another one with 45 meters. During the descent you can enjoy the view of São Bento do Sapucaí and Campos do Jordão. The activity takes about two and a half hours, which may vary according to the number of members.
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The best choice for children

In order to provide fun and entertainment to our customers, we also offer activities for the whole family, from the children to the adults.

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In our shop you find Mantiqueira products for gifting friends or take a souvenir home. They are crafts, t-shirts, cachaça and craft beers, jellies, sweets and ice cream.

In winter we also offer the delicious Chocolat Suisse hot chocolate and chocolates D'Viez.

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